Events : The Bibliotheca Alexandrina IV International Biennale for the Artist's Book , 22 April - 14 May 2010

Fernanda Fedi – Italy


Painter and sculptress, lives in Milan.
Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and graduated in History of Art,Bologna
Specialized in Museology and Museography,University of Architecture, Milan.
She has held about 150 exhibitions of artists’ books all over the world. The artist books which she has created since 1980 reflects her early research in ‘conceptual art’ and later in ‘visual poetry’.

Since 1982 her work has focused on the sign, the handwritten word, as a way of regain memory.She believes that ‘the mystery and incommunicability of sign is the real phenomenology of communication’.
Invited in 2006–7 at Washington Museum ‘The Book as art’, in 2008 at Shangai Museum of Modern art and Int.Biennal of Artists Books , Bibliotheca Alexandrina(of which she is the international curator together with Gino Gini year 2010).